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hahaha...my fantasy team tonight "I don't always have high-scoring players, but when I do they are on my bench." TRUTH!

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Gonna be a long year for the Cowboys...geeezzz

Nightly Charge

Tony Romo was ethered with hilarious memes after that Dallas Cowboys' lost to the Washington team. Peep the memes here.

This dickhead should be banned from the NFL, all tebow did was say a prayer and half the country shunned him ! This country is totally fucked!!!!

Kaepernick sits out the U. National Anthem to protest minority oppression. Political Cartoon by A.

Did you Know???      49ers      Joe Montana

Joe Montana and his brother have more Super Bowl wins than the Manning brothers and Joe Montana doesn't have a brother

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"No honey, you can't be the first girl to play QB for the Cowboys. Tony Romo beat you to it" LOL

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I remember watching them build that bitch and it sure was funny watching Jerry Jones n Romo have to watch someone else playing first Superbowl in it!