Weather for Interactive Science Notebooks and Journals - topics include Catastrophic Events, Weather Forecasting, Hot and Cold Fronts, HIgh and Low Pressure, Convection Currents, Hurricane Formation, Weather Instruments and more

Weather Interactive Notebook Pages

Kids will love these fun weather #apps that teach them about the forecast, extreme weather and the seasons!

6 Wonderful Weather Apps for Kids

Kids will love these fun weather apps that teach them about the forecast, extreme weather and the seasons!

A Cupcake for the Teacher: Whimsical Weather {Craftivities, Printables, & More!}

A Cupcake for the Teacher: Whimsical Weather {Craftivities, Printables, & More!}could modify for prek by using pictures

weather math | newspaper for math learning --> creating lifetime readers and learners, one day at a time

using the weather forecast for sneaky math learning

sneaky math learning thanks to the weather in the daily newspaper. You can practice percents and even make graphs or lines of best fit!

Weather Vienna


Love this weather forecast -- the BBC can just 'copy and paste' the grey clouds everyday for the next month!

Weather chart (for introducing/teaching prediction)

Students will make their weather predictions for the week and then they will observe and record the actual weather each day.

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This is a neat way to teach about integers.  Use the 5 day forecast to challenge the students to find Friday's forecast.  You tell them how much it will go up or down and they do the math.  Wish I had seen this earlier.

"Represent data in tables and graphical displays to describe typical weather conditions expected during a particular season." The kids would record weather each day for a season and then we would talk about what weather occurs most in that season and why.

This is a great project to complete with your students while studying weather or seasons.  It was designed for use during the an ELA unit on weather but could be used during science as well! This packet includes the following:Page 1: Title PagePage 2: Table of ContentsPage 3: CCSS AlignmentPage 4: Project DescriptionPage 5: Grading RubricPage 6-7: Parent LettersPage 8-18: Weather Reports (11 included)Page 19-20: Weather Report QuizPage 22-29: Weather Vocabulary Cards with definitions. $3…

Meteorologist for a Day {A Weather Project for 2nd Graders}