Quotes - 'If someone won't lift a finger to call you, see you, and spend time with you, it's time for you lift 5 fingers and wave goodbye.'

unfortunately this is true. but then it isn't a true test of friendship if you wave goodbye so easily. yet if you are unable to challenge yourself by lifting a finger, then do your friend a favor and be honest about it.

5 Finger Prayer - free printable prayer card

Use The 5 Finger Prayer to Visually Recall Your Prayer List

Have trouble keeping up with your prayer list? Use this 5 Finger Prayer to visually recall key groups of people to include in your prayers.

Wählen Sie 5 Fingerpuppen aus dem Bild, und wählen Sie die Farbe Ihrer Tasche. PUKACA der Fingerpuppen sind Einzelstücke, da sie handgefertigt sind,

One of the best idea boards I have seen! Cant wait to get started. finger puppets, great ideas for hand puppets. - Crafting Now

Healthy, quick & easy party appetizers, only 5 ingredients + few minutes to makes those baked zucchini balls and impress your guest. #cleaneating #zucchini #glutenfree                                                                                                                                                      More

Zucchini Balls Baked

Healthy, quick & easy party appetizers, only 5 ingredients + few minutes to makes those baked zucchini balls and impress your guest. More (cheese recipes appetizers)

The 5 Finger Tips for Choose a Book To Read for Kids

Choose the `Just Right Book` to Read! Choose a. JUST RIGHT Book to Read! Use the 5 Finger Test to help! Step Retell the page that you read If you can retell what you read, and you have 2 or 3 fingers up.this book is JUST RIGHT for you!

5 Finger Retelling anchor chart.  When teaching my students to summarize, this chart would be good to retell and orally rehearse before they write their summary.

Listening: I love the retell glove. I would use this in my classroom to re-enforce listening skills but also to enhance comprehension skills. This anchor chart will be a good visual reminder for students when practicing with their partners.

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Crochet alligator hand puppet and 3 or 5 monkeys finger puppets, amigurumi animals, autumn toys

These animal finger puppet set include a hedgehog, crow, bunny or rabbit, a fox and a turtle puppet, but from now you can choose only the items you

Look to Him and be Radiant: Hands of Prayer

Look to Him and be Radiant: Hands of Prayer. Would change the "pointer finger" to pray for our elders, deacons, minister, Bible class teachers, etc.

Starting Solids: 5 Finger Foods for Baby (and 5 to avoid) - The Humbled Homemaker

5 Finger Foods for Baby (and 5 to avoid

Montessori’s Use of the Term ‘Psychic’ – Developing Personalities in Childhood

Great Freebie posters for select a book to read at the correct level.  recommended by Charlotte's Clips http://pinterest.com/kindkids/

Free Five Finger Rule posters - Have students use when picking out a book. // Search terms: Choosing books, choose a book, 5 finger rule

Pope Francis' Five Finger Prayer

Pope Francis' 5 Finger Prayer I'm not Catholic, but it's a wonderful idea

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