My favorite song off the album || I actually saw this post right as the chorus came it must be a sign ooopps

We'll safety pin the pieces of our broken heart back together patching up all the holes until we feel much better

Which song are the next lyrics from?'The blood in my veins is made up of mistakes'

Guess the 5SOS song

Are the 5 Seconds of Summer boys the cutest besties or what? We just adore how much these boys love each other!

5 Seconds of Summer Birthday Cake. What Dad's would do for their daughters. Priceless!!

My mom is literally making me this cake except with teal and light purple frosting cause black frosting is disgusting 😂

5 Seconds Of Summer's and Mikey have the same birthday month.

5 Seconds Of Summer's and Mikey have the same birthday month.

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Omg I was talking to my friend who is also obsessed with these boys and I said cake and this girl turned around and was like I prefer I've cream xD

What do you mean I would totally listen to Pete blowing raspberries for four minutes

I would especially buy it if it was just the bassist blowing raspberries into the microphone XD <--- pls pete do this k

Ashton Irwin Luke Hemmings Calum Hood Michael Clifford 5 Seconds of Summer 5SOS

I love this cause Calum is like flirting with Luke and Luke just thinks it's funny. Anf Michael is like hey ash isn't this fun? And Ashton is just like I hate this band.

Yes bby

Yes bby