Calum Hood-By TrueKemistry. I like this picture because it has very cool design and the bass looks like the real bass that Calum has. The colors blend really well. The colors stand out really well.

Calum fan art I don't like but the art and concept are fantastic

The Home of Heroes — The best 5 Seconds of Summer fan art on the...

The Home of Heroes — The best 5 Seconds of Summer fan art on the teenage muntent ninja turtles

Cartoon Drawings 5SOS Don't Stop | 5SOS - Don't Stop by xoloves

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Pearson: so what is your fav superhero? me: mike-or-wave Pearson: what? me: shows pic Pearson: ok as they back away slowly then sprints to out the door me: come back u need to now more about ← YES THATS SO ME!

I am in love with this because it really happened to me. 5 Seconds of Summer saved me! And so I love them so much!!!

5 Seconds of Summer fan art. - And if you turn it upside-down, it looks like a fan saving them!<---- I'm not a fan of but this is beautiful

A fan drew the eyes of 5SOS and just... wow

5SOS Updates! on

Whoever made this is the awesome at person ever #HIORHEYEVERYBODY

Sounds Good, Feels Good - 5 Seconds of Summer Man whoever drawled this they are amazing😍😘😍

Space inspired 5 Seconds of Summer Fan Art By: @voodooxmonster #5SOS

Fan Art Friday with 5 Seconds of Summer