In Art We Trust: 5th Grade name illustrations

In Art We Trust: Grade name illustrations This looks like a good day of day/week in art lesson

I have done this lesson many times, but this year the results are better than ever before.  This year, we had more time to do this project, and therefore their drawings had more detail.  This lesson f

Falling Through Space, 5th Grade (Lines, Dots, and Doodles)

Our Solar System..Science/Art Project Colored chalk and Q-tips 5th grade..McKinley School K-8 Pasadena, CA by Denistonpz

Solar System Activity Ideas: Our Solar System.Science/Art Project Colored chalk and Q-tips Deborah Gangi-Hall grade.McKinley School Pasadena, CA

5th grade painting projects | Easy 5Th Grade Art Lessons

Riverwalk 8 x 8 flowers art print archival print trees art print art print garden painting tree art print flowers art print

dots mosaic

Q-Tips. Pointillism, grade, Dots upon dots, circles upon circles, maybe do color families .

Tornado collage

Tornado Collage - good cross curricular with weather systems - Grade Art…

5th Grade glass bottles #crayolachalk #stilllife #reflections #blickartmaterials #artteacher #artteacherlife #5thgrade #artlessons #drawing #laart

Grade glass bottles - great way to work through the concept of highlights. Possibly for grade

Charcoal and Pastel Owls possibly a project for 5th grade

grade art: Charcoal and Pastel Owls (focus: drawing BIG, visual texture, and value)

5th grade summer reading list - fantasy chapter books

5th Grade Summer Reading List (age 10 - 11

I love recommending books to kids -- so here is the grade summer reading list, books for your kids ages 10 or Enjoy!