Pop Rocks

Nostalgic Foods of the 60s, 70s, and 80s That Our Kids Will Never Have

You may have heard the legend that if you eat Pop Rocks and drink cola at the same time you will explode. You could use this idea to create an interesting science project that will teach you all about carbon dioxide. Using information about Pop.

Never totally convinced these were worth the trouble, especially 'cause I seemed to eat some of the paper...but still, fun.

80s Nostalgic Furniture

Necco candy buttons at Hometown Favorites. This old fashioned candy is a treat for anyone. Classic sugar treat in three different flavors and colors on paper. A great sweet.

#19 80s Candy = Ring Pop!!   #KickinItAppleCheeks

Ring Pop. Wearable candy. The creation of the gods.

We’ve got your *Ring POPs* here! Anna Sheffield’s Orchard St. Atelier is pleased to present the art work of Julia Chiang along with an array of loose gemstones in Candy Colored Hues for a custom.

Bubblicious Gum!~It was 25 cents for a pack of 5 pieces.  Now there isn't even a "cents" symbol on my keyboard!

Bubblicious: Watermelon Wave and Paradise Punch were the best! They were banned from long car rides due to obnoxious smell!

Stretch them up from your neck to your mouth...Put about 6 or 7 in your mouth.  Repeat until the elastic is sticky and all candy is gone.  End up with dirty, sticky neck rings.  Wonderful!

Retro candy-Growing up riding the Sugar Wave!

I LOVED wearing (and eating) candy necklaces! I ate so much of these one time, I got sick! Omg do I remember these.

Now and Later candy- I love the grape flavored Now and Later Candies!

Now and Later candy- I love the grape flavored Now and Later Candies! For some reason, I always thought they were called "Now OR Later"!

Ouch Bubble Gum - FRIDGE MAGNET - 80s candy band aid bubble gum sticks pink

Ouch Bubble Gum - FRIDGE MAGNET - 80s candy band aid bubble gum sticks pink

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candies -whistle pop- one of the coolest suckers. It sucked when you got one the whistle pop was broke :(

80′s Party Invitations and Ideas

candy ideas: Nerds, Now and Later, Whatchamacallit, and Pop Rocks!

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Before your student arrives, ask them which US treats/foods they always wished to try and make them a small basket of them in their room when they arrive.

Awesome 80s-style candy cake (would be great for those who don't like cake too!)

Born in the 80s Neon 30th Birthday Party

Born in the Neon Birthday Party - So many cute details! Especially like this candy "cake"

Pixie Sticks....penny candy

penny candy *Kids seem to love vintage candy. The Dollar Tree has a great selection of candy.

Runts. I remember having my own little gumball machine in my room that we filled with these.

It’s like stealing candy from your childhood (38 photos)

Using runts (one of my faves) for counting, sorting, addition, patterns and rewarding during our "Fruit of the Spirit" study.