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The Dress Code

The Dress Code

Ladies click the link in my bio to take the quiz Which Decade Should You Really Be Living In? and tell me what you get! (I got obviously!

This is a basic overview of the main fashion trends. This shows a more teen style for girls and now day hipsters.

That's So 90's

Except for the choker, bandana around the neck, Doc Martens, and the T-shirt under the spaghetti strap dress, I would still wear the rest of these.


Puma hip hop track top jacket from dirtysaint * I really love these giant windbreaker things. I'd like to have some signature jacket like this for Carlos that he just wears all the time, maybe similar to the one with the sports insignia*

I hope you are in the mood for some nostalgia in your do's because It's  time to dig up those old photos from our youth and gain some  "hairspiration"!! Everything 90's has made its way back into 2016!     Hair wisps are now all the rage and can be worn with every other 90's  hairst

The 90's has Officially Made a Comeback...

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Great example of style in the century. The color block sweatshirts, oversized glasses, and favorite snap back is the perfect recipe for a outfit//*

Jennifer Aniston is team InStyle's favourite fashion trooper.Over the years our Jen has risen like a phoenix out of the '90s ashes, becoming a...

Uh, The 'Rachel'?! 10 Times Jennifer Aniston Taught Us Everything About Style

Read 'Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc used to ‘make out’ in the Friends dressing room, apparently!' on Heat's Celebrity news. Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc’s relationship was more like Rachel and .

Beyoncé dressed as a memeber of Salt-N-Pepa at Angie Beyincé’s 80s/90s theme 40th birthday party in Los Angeles. October 29th, 2016

Beyoncé dressed as a memeber of Salt-N-Pepa at Angie Beyincé’s theme birthday party in Los Angeles.