For choosing the right paintbrush. | 27 Insanely Helpful Diagrams Every DIY Enthusiast Needs

For choosing the right paintbrush.

“Painting Tips to Enhance Your Art-great tip for fixing mistakes with a magic eraser!

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Mixing Acrylic Paint Colors

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Video tutorial. How to create a rainbow swipe with acrylic pouring and painting. Acrylic fluid art.

Trying to swipe an entire rainbow

tone and color painting - Google Search

I found these images (explaining how to mix paints to achieve different skin tones) incredibly useful so I wanted to share them. They are from from “Painting the Head in Oil” by John Howard Sanden.

Do's and Don'ts of Realistic Nose Painting Art - YouTube

Worst Mistake Acrylic Painters Make - (watering down acrylic paint too much with water - learn the alternative- airbrush medium!