Acupuncture For Depression During Pregnancy

East vs West Medicine- The East and West have been looking at medicine from different angles for years. Eastern and Western medicine had different perceptions of the human body and treated health issues differently. This infographic by Health Exec News sh

The use of alternative treatments for mental illness is growing in popularity due to concern over the side effects of some medications and a general mistrust for pharmaceutical companies. Let’s look at some of the natural ways people are treating disorders like depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

Surprising Alternative Treatments for Mental Disorders

Acupuncture For Depression and Anxiety Review -

Acupuncture For Depression and Anxiety Review -

How To Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) For Depression | Calgary Acupuncture -

EFT is a simple technique that can be used for a great many things. I really love to work with it to eliminate unwanted

Can #Acupuncture Treat #Depression? - By @midwestcenter

Can Acupuncture Treat Depression? The alternative practice may be able to replace medication or alleviate its side effects

Acupuncture for depression

Acupuncture for Depression