If you would like to begin building a family but are having difficulty conceiving, you may want to consider adopting a child in need. 75% of women who

children are in public foster care in the United States. In addition, American infants are placed for adoption each year. This in-depth infographic provides other important information, facts, and statistics about adoption.

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How to Afford Adoption

Money saving ideas, grants, tax credits, adoption resources, and even how to adopt for FREE! How we adopted domestically and internationally with a tight budget. You can afford adoption!

Embryo Adoption | Embryo Donation | Adoption Options - Embryo Adoption Awareness Center

Discover adoption options with embryo adoption & donation. Learn what it is, how much it costs, and whether it's the right family building option for you.

How to fund your adoption through donation sites (and I'll show you 4 of the best ones) - Infant Adoption Guide

Raising money for your adoption can be tough. There is hope because now you can fund your adoption with donation sites. I'll show you how.

Using positive adoption language is beneficial for not only those involved in the adoption plan but anyone else who may be over hearing our conversations. Our words impact others.

Bringing Awareness to Respectful Adoption Language. I agree with the majority of these, however I think some depend on the context of the situation.