african crafts for kids | was inspired to get my girls to make one of these huts and also my ...

Ndebele hut

Beaux- quet ( craft project) These are Ndebele [uhn-duh-bee-lee] huts in Africa (where I was born). An art form of pure genius architecture all in their own rig…

DIY African Ankara Dutch wax print bangles. Check on how to make them yourself!

This DIY Ankara African wax print bracelet is super easy and super fun to make. These wooden bracelets are absolutely flawless and stylish.

african mask craft idea for kids

african mask craft idea for kids fun way in the class to show another cultures art and make it interactive

I am thinking paint the legs too...Matching activity. But no clothespin head...

How to Make Clothes Pin Animals

home-eco nanay: clothes pin craft: animals ~ With just a few pieces of clothes pins, card board (I used an empty pizza box), poster paint and glue you could create a whole zoo of animals!

African Drum Craft using styrofoam cups, masking tape and shoe polish! ADORABLE!!!

plastic cups, masking tape, shoe polish and rags to wipe polish. permanent markers to decorate masking tape. Djembe craft for day 3 erin shakespear: The Friday Five: Random Fun

African Spin Drum Musical Instrument, made from Jacaranda wood, Kenya

Swahili Imports offers a unique selection of handmade African percussion instruments. These small shakers and spin drums are crafted by hand using recycled materials. Put African rhythm at your fingertips!

Anansi spider craft, african folk tales for kids

African folktales, like Anansi and Turtle, help kids learn about other parts of the world.

Marie's Pastiche: Learn all about Ghanaian Kente Cloth with Books & Crafts

Kente cloth is the best known and most recognizable African fabric. It& a hand woven cloth with geometric shapes, bold designs, and bri.