Couldn't ever stop the greasies.  Until one day in my preteens I realized half a bottle of conditioner at one time miiiight not be the proper application procedere.

Agree shampoo and conditioner - I loved the way they made my hair smell!

Agree Shampoo!! It smelled so good!   (from an ebay listing)

I miss this shampoo & Conditioner! It smelled sooooo good! Mom goes to store, I get agree shampoo/conditioner, coast deodorant soap, and aquafresh toothpaste. Ahhhhh, the good ol' days!

Agree shampoo....Still furious they discontinued this shampoo and conditioner!!!!   Best smellin hair products EVER!!!!

I adored the smell of this shampoo! grade, Agree shampoo & my first curling iron :)

Agree Shampoo Normal Hair - 15.4 OZ

Discover your hair's potential with Agree.

Agree shampoo advertisement - from 7 vintage shampoo ads (1980s)

7 vintage shampoo ads (1980s