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Er komen runes voor in het boek. Runes zijn tekens die bepaalde mogelijkheden/skills teweegbrengen.   latest (980×1661)

Dishonored Tattoo - Charles Bae<< That's the fucking Sharingan

“La pazienza è fondamentale per il raggiungimento di uno scopo” Tobi (Obito)

The Uchiha clan are possessed by the power of the sharingan. Itachi is no exception.

Behold, Naruto fans! Contacts! My brother has a pair of sharingan contacts. Pretty awsome, with everything red hued. His right started bleeding one time....creepy/

Behold, Naruto fans

Funny pictures about Naruto Contact Lenses. Oh, and cool pics about Naruto Contact Lenses. Also, Naruto Contact Lenses photos.

Naruto fans: which one would you choose?

Naruto fans: which one would you choose?

Naruto eyes (top to bottom): rennigan, sharingan, kyuubi, and hyuuga