11 Lessons We Learned From Mean Girls

This shows dominant culture and how white culture is typically seen as dominant. It is also being stereotyped because these are the popular girls and they depict a dumb blonde in the movie,Pinned from Edith Monreal

Hanging with co-stars Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert during the shooting of the iconic Halloween scene.

Karen Smith is one of the dumbest girls you'll ever meet. she's a slut and does what she wants. she's on the soccer team and popular but only because her dad runs a huge business. she has an older brother Logan, and he's super over protective

Amanda Seyfried’s Beauty Evolution

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10 Life Lessons from 'Mean Girls' Karen Smith

She might be in some of the more controversial and serious movies of recent years — Les Miserables, Lovelace, Chloe — to name a few, but even Amanda Seyfried attributes her best work to Mean Girls .

Character: Narcissa 'Cissy' Black ~ Actress: Amanda Seyfried ~ DOB: 1955 ~ Hair: Blonde ~ Eyes: Blue ~ Sibling(s): Bellatrix Black & Andromeda Black ~ Parents: Cygnus Black & Druella Rosier ~ House: Slytherin ~ Blood Status: Pureblood