Canopy walk, Amazon rainforest, Peru by Byrd on a Wire, via Flickr

There are a series of suspended walkways like this in this jungle area. I think the animals were scared away from here when it was first built and it has not yet lost its human smell.

© Photograph by Art Wolfe / Location: Amazon rainforest on border of Venezuela & Brazil (Yanomamo tribe)

Yanomamo girl with blue-headed parrot, Parima Tapirapeco National Park, Venezuela by Art Wolfe

unknown indigenous tribe located in the Amazon rainforest. They are one of the last unknown tribes. They want to be left alone! Due to deforestation in the rainforest, these poor people may lose everything they have.

via BBC News, May Isolated tribe spotted in Brazil One of South America's few remaining uncontacted indigenous tribes has been spotted and photographed on the border between Brazil and Peru. The Brazilian government says it took the images.

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The World's 15 Most Amazing Waterfalls

Kaieteur Falls - the world's largest drop waterfall. Located on the Potaro River in central Guyana, Potaro-Siparuni region in Kaieteur National Park. My grandad was from Guyana, would love to visit one day.

Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador

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The red fan parrot (Deroptyus accipitrinus) is a species of New World parrot found in South America (the term New World is given to animals which are located in the Americas).  This parrot is rated as 'Least Concern' by the IUCN.

Red-fan Parrot (Deroptyus accipitrinus) otherwise known as a Hawk-head Parrot

Spanning across Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, the Amazon Rainforest has been named one of “New 7 Wonders of Nature.” This lush region has unparalleled biodiversity. In fact, one in ten known species in the world lives in the Amazon Rainforest.

Amazon Rain Forest, Colombia

San Rafael falls on the Quijos River in Yasuni National park in Columnia. I love waterfalls.

Foto anambé-pombo (Gymnoderus foetidus) por Mathias Singer | Wiki Aves - A Enciclopédia das Aves do Brasil

Bare-necked Fruitcrow (Gymnoderus foetidus)in the species Cotingidae; is on the "Vulnerable List" of birds

Would love to live here, the rainforest offers so much in resources, but highly dangerous.

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man in the Amazon, photo by Cristina Mittermeier. Indigenous peoples of the Amazon continue to be "endangered," by deforestation, oil development, mining, and encroachments from farmers. Supporting the Amazonian rainforest, needs to support its indigenous peoples too.

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