"Aliens" - LOL * The crazier his hair gets the hotter he is IMO

giorgio a tsoukalos hair evolution (not to mention that fake tan)-I always wished that someone would do this.

Ancient Aliens guy memes -  Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, "Ancient Aliens Guy"

Funny pictures about Watching History Channel. Oh, and cool pics about Watching History Channel. Also, Watching History Channel.

Shit happens sometimes – 40 Pics

Shit happens sometimes – 40 Pics

Ancient Aliens Meme

Funny pictures about Aliens. Oh, and cool pics about Aliens. Also, Aliens.

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I always wondered if that guy was drunk or something! Watch "Ancient Aliens" on History Channel for entertainment purposes!

Ancient Aliens

My one-person survey concluded that modern humans are incapable of understanding how bitcoins work

Ancient Aliens Meme

This my friend, is my I'm Conservative! Their logic makes no sense & THEY KNOW IT.

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