Andalusian horse

ANDALUSIAN STALLION                                                       …

Andalusian Stallion Trueno, Long Mane, by Cheri Prill (fine art prints for sale)

~` beautiful Andalusian horse `~ Reminds me of Silvering from the novel, Dagon's Blood

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A Friesian & Andalusian Horses makes a striking pair! The little girl in me loves black and white beauties!

A Friesian & Andalusian Horses makes a striking pair! but out of choice I would soooo have the Friesian! but the Andalusian would make a good second

Andalusian horse

Andalusian horse

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Beautiful white horse with a long mane - Portfolio Paardenfoto’s « Hypo Focus Paardenfotografie on

Caballos andaluz. / Andalusian horse.  dappled grey

Belicoso LXXXIII, from "Yeguada de la Cartuja" on the main door of the Carthusian Monk´s Monastery were Carthusian Horses have been breed for the past Five Centuries.

Andalusian horse--  In recent times, the name of the breed has been changed to PRE (Pura Raza Española) or Pure Spanish Breed. There is controversy because of that. #horses

The Andalusian, also known as the Pure Spanish Horse or PRE, is a horse breed from the Iberian Peninsula, where its ancestors have lived for thousands of years.

Andalusian                                                       …

MOVE, Run the beach.White grey Andalusian horse running on the beach coming towards you. Beautiful picture with surf and waves in background!