Andhra sweets recipes with pictures in telugu

A treasured sweet dish, very dear to us Andhras, are these golden bewitching treats, Chandrakaantalu. Classified as pindivantalu (festive foods), these classic favorites are absolutely delicious making you crave for more even after you have had your fair share. I actually have to remove the serving plate from the table to keep us from finishing …

Chandra Kaantalu

Bandar Laddu Recipe – How to make Thokkudu Ladoo (step by step Pictures)

Bandar laddu recipe | how to make thokkudu ladoo

Bandar Laddu or Thokkudu Ladoo is the most popular Andhra Sweet - Gluten Free, not Vegan as it has lots of ghee!

Kobbari Undalu (Coconut Laddu) ~ Krishnashtami Special Recipes | Indian Cuisine

Kobbari Undalu (Coconut Laddu) ~ Krishnashtami Special Recipes

Kobbari Undalu (Coconut Laddu) ~ Krishnashtami Special Recipes - Blend with Spices

Rajugarivantalu (Andhra Telugu Vantalu): Andhra-kitchen-vantalu-instant-coconut-laddoo

Food How to Make Coconut Ladoo: English - Urdu Recipe

Indian Khana: Royyala Vepudu | Prawn Fry Andhra Style | Shrimp F...

Prawn Fry Recipe, Prawn Fry Andhra Style or Royyalu (royalla) Vepudu is prawn fry recipe in andhra style with minimal ingredients. How to make royalla vepudu

Ugadi Pachadi! A little sweet, a little sour,

Ugadi Pachadi - Telugu New Year delicacy which is a symbolic reminder of the myriad facets of life (sweet, sour, pungent and bitter flavors)

tomato rice recipe - spicy south indian tomato rice recipe with step by step photos.  #tomato #rice

Tomato rice

tomato rice recipe with step by step photos. easy to prepare delicious south indian tomato rice recipe. the tomato rice is slightly spicy. to reduce the spiciness, just use less amounts of green chilies, black pepper and red chili powder.

Learn here how to make most delicious balushahi at home.Balushahi is delicious flaky traditional Indian Mithai made during festivals and weddings.

Crisp outer and melt in mouth within flaky balls dips in sugar syrup is so perfect sweet this Diwali

Moong dal sago kheer / Pasiparuppu javarisi Payasam, an Indian Dessert #indian #dessert #moongdal #payasam #kheer

Pasiparuppu Javarisi Payasam / Moong Dal Sago Kheer with coconut milk is a traditional South Indian dessert made with moong dal, sago, ghee and nuts.