Angie Lewin - Blue Meadow linocut

Angie Lewin - Blue Meadow linocut- Ths one uses thin but dark lines and passtell colours. It looks through contour lines and the colour is evenly spread.

ideas for an illustrator project to make flowers

Angie lewin -colour schemes -the thread linking these pieces isn't to do with colour but to do with the way she illustrates

Angie Lewin - Dandelion Two fabric - Yellow

Angie Lewin - Dandelion Two fabric - Yellow per meter

The World's Largest Collection of 16,000 Woodworking Plans

Angie Lewin prints her 'Alphabet and Feathers' wood engraving working on different mediums. creating wood blocks to print with etc.

Angie Lewin : Plants and Places

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