Some people don't understand why I help animals in need. I don't understand why they wonder ...

Rescue Quote (when people get that holy crap you are telling me you have 11 cats in your house right now permanent residents)

I helped saved a few lives and will continue to save as many lives as I can throughout my life! <3

I volunteer for an animal rights group, called the Beagle Freedom Project and we rescue retired animal test subjects. So yes, I was made to save animals.

simply well said. my rescue babies are so amazing!

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My Sprouty-boy is a rescue. He was rescued from Genesee County Animal Shelter on his last day, the rescue had him for a month before we were lucky enough to add him to our family. It's been 6 years since.still counting my blessings with him.

"You can't change a dog's past, but you could rewrite his future." #adoptdontshop

This is so very true. Grateful for changing our Rudy Boy and Shocker Babies lives ❤️🐾

Rescued pets are the sweetest, most caring animals in the world!!  Please------Rescue an animal rather than buying  one!!!

Rescue Prayer When you are visiting your local shelters you can feel their…