Who Is Up at Night?  (An Interactive Build-A-Word Book about Nocturnal Animals)  This download includes a 9-page student book and letter tiles to build words.  #nocturnalanimals  $

Who Is Up at Night? (An Interactive Build-A-Word Book for K-2)

Who Is Up at Night? (An Interactive Build-A-Word Book about Nocturnal Animals)…

Who Lives on the Farm?  (An Interactive Build-A-Word Book for K-1 Readers)  #farmanimals  #wordwork  $

Who Lives on a Farm? (An Interactive Build-A-Word Book for K-1)

Who Lives in the Ocean?  (An Interactive Build-A-Word Book for K-1 Readers)  #oceananimals  #wordwork  $

Who Lives in the Ocean? (An Interactive Build-A-Word Book for K-1)

Teaching beginning sounds with a forest habitat theme activity for preschool. Learn letter sounds while exploring forest animals.

Forest Animals Beginning Sounds Activity

This forest animals beginning sounds activity is a fun way to practice identifying letter sounds while learning about the forest habitat.

That Kind Of Woman

Previous pinned said- "Beautiful. how can men shoot and kill this amazing animals. It's our fault to begin with that they are starving, so now we just kill them off!

Mixed Media Collage Print - Lilac Breasted Roller  This print is a reproduction of my original artwork. My collage process begins when I paint and texture papers of all kinds. The paper is then torn by hand and placed individually. Take a closer look. You will find sheet music, maps and dictionary pages hiding in plain sight.  Five sizes available - Paper prints available with and without white mats - No frames included.  See all my artwork at www.LisaMoralesMixedMedia.com  Thanks for…

By Artist Lisa Morales Mixed Media Collage Original - Lilac Breasted Roller This piece was created using a variety of papers that I paint and texture myself. Some of the papers used include sheet music, dictionary pages, recipes, maps, and art papers.

This 7-page student book fits in with lessons about the jungle, the rainforest, and/or the animals that live there.  The reading level is perfect for K-1 students.  Each page includes beginning high-frequency words and predictable text with some breaks in the pattern to keep readers engaged with the words on the page.Each page also includes a missing animal word.

Who Lives in the Jungle? (An Interactive Build-A-Word Book for K-1)

Freebie! Great for the beginning of the year or for students who need a review of skills. Preschool Farm Pack - puppets, puzzles, patterns, cutting, tracing, numbers etc.

Free Preschool Printables: Farm Pack

Go to Creative Preschool Resources for a free preschool printables farm pack! Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

The allure of the iPad is not the form factor or the pretty display. We buy an iPad for all the wonderful apps. So here's a quick guide on the first three apps you should download to your iPad. And don't worry, all of these apps are free. They also happen to be among the best free apps on the iPad.

Does the iPad 3 Live Up to the Hype?

School week form for teachers to evaluate carryover of correct productions.  Simple to use as it asks for a rating of "yes" or "no" each morning or...

Classroom Articulation Report

This engaging math activity teaches students how to count on and count back using a number line. Students will need a dice and the worksheet to record. Students will think of this activity as more of a game than a worksheet! Students will choose a number

Big Red Barn Literacy Activity- Matching farm animals to their letter sounds! A fun literacy activity for preschoolers!

Big Red Barn Literacy Activity

This literacy activity would be a good inquiry-based activity that would allow students to explore the book "Big Red Barn" in a way that is meaningful to them. It provides the students with various materials and opportunities for the students experiment.