Madoka Magica figurines of Madoka, Sayaka, Homura, and Mami. Wish I had these :D

'Picture by oh-keisuke (good_smile_company kyuubey kawanishi_ken tokunaga_hironori yokota_ken mahou_shoujo_madoka★magica kaname_madoka miki_sayaka tomoe_mami akemi_homura kohata_takahiro)

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Several new Sailor Moon figures were revealed at Tamashii Nation Princess Serenity figure, Black Lady S. Figuarts, Wiseman figure, etc.

RWBY Ruby Figure - PRESALE (Present Idea)

RWBY Ruby Figure

Fully assembled with cape and scythe, figure measures 6 in high X 10 in wide. First of four Series 1 figures created by McFarlane Toys.

Shiro (No Game No Life) PVC-Statue 1/7 20cm Phat

No Game No Life Shiro figure with Chibi Izuna, Sora, Jibril, and Steph

BackAbout Genos One-Punch Man Nendoroid Figure From the popular anime series…

Nendoroid Genos: Super Movable Edition The S-Class hero – Demon Cyborg! From the popular anime series ‘One-Punch Man’ comes a fully-articulated Nendoroid of Saitama’s disciple – the cyborg Genos!

No Game No Life - Shiro - Nendoroid - Good Smile Company (Dez 2016) - SD-Figuren / Nendoroids - Japanshrine

No Game No Life - Shiro - Nendoroid - Good Smile Company (Dez - SD-Figuren / Nendoroids - Japanshrine


A scale figure of Hatsune Miku the upgraded voice synthesizer that allows for more natural and expressive singing! The figure is based on the main illustration for Hatsune Miku.