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Xavier // 19 // Calm serious collected hates those that hurt girls protective // modeling

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동결 벌레/무시🌸むし on

I really like anime characters with animals.

I'm literally just putting this on here because there is a black panther and i love panthers. I need to watch this anime. Pretty panther + Pretty guy = me wanna watch. Ps, its from Touken Ranbu

Fumihiro Kojima//Male//16 years old//Single//Straight demisexual//Favourite subject is Art//Introvert//Pessimist//He's afraid of doctors and hospitals

Kuro (Prince Herscherik and the Kingdom of Sorrow), black hair, red eyes (Beauty Face Model)

Little Red Cap/Rotkäppchen【Grimm-gai no Ouji-sama】

Little Red Cap/Rotkäppchen【Grimm-gai no Ouji-sama】 kyahhh suka bgttttt sama anime yg satu ini.

Male Civilian

Anime picture original xxxsenon single tall image short hair looking at viewer blonde hair red eyes simple background open clothes open jacket red background hands in pockets male jacket hood zipper locket respirator 426846 en

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You aren't really a shy person but get nervous in uncomfortable situations, you meet a friend at your new school and some interesting boys to.