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Yeah shes a bit childish and Always In silly fights with Others especially "Mrs.But she justs wants to be a real Witch!

Shes A witch.She just really likes to curse others and make peopls suffer.- She has a pet Bat.A witch doesnt have to have a owl everytime!

Yuuki the Ice Witch Picture  (2d, fantasy, magician, anime, witch, girl, woman)

Anime picture with original chaosringen long hair single tall image blue eyes black hair looking at viewer sitting cleavage no bra lips magic glowing lipstick witch arms up broom riding girl dress

Witches by 東西‏ @poppin_phl95 /

I wish I had enough money for the ffxiv subscription I rlly do (the free trial was great and i will miss my bby miquote sm)

Little Witch Academia, Sucy, by Treeware

Little Witch Academia, Sucy, by Treeware

Imagen de anime, anime girl, magic, witch, and kawaii

Anime picture with original ei long hair single tall image looking at viewer fringe sitting holding aqua eyes aqua hair shadow sad knees touching girl dress weapon shoes window spear

アーシャのアトリエ Plus ~黄昏の大地の錬金術士~ 公式サイト

fookure: “ atelier (series) atelier ayesha bangs black legwear bow broom dress hat hidari (left side) high heels long hair looking at viewer official art payot pink hair ribbon shoes simple.