Haha. This is exactly what my face looked like the first time I ordered online! :D

Meme Watch: Anxiety Cat Is My Homeboy

Anxiety Cat: Find out Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza and Papa John's now have online ordering. No longer have to speak on the phone.

I have never gone to a gym and never plan to...BECAUSE OF THIS

Anxiety Cat - have overdue toll fines get things in order and prepare for lengthy prison stay

Introvert problems...                                                       …

Socially awkward introvert cat meme - hilariously accurate → I think you mean SADLY accurate.

Anxiety Cat: Can't enjoy Sunday:  Too anxious thinking about Monday.

Anxiety Cat - Look at anxiety cat memes realise every single one applies to you. I am anxiety cat!

When I haven't responded to a text this is usually why. Worried about saying something wrong

Anxiety Cat: Receive casual text message from friend. Spend 30 minutes obsessing over how to reply