Army girlfriend quotes

I wish people would realize this. I HATE when they tell me it's what I signed up for. that doesn't help. ever.

Unique & romantic love quotes for him from her, straight from the heart. Love Quotes for Him for long distance relations or when close, with images.

The Military Wife Vows I Should Have Said, vows copy

The Military Wife Vows I Should Have Said

The Military Wife Vows I Should Have Said. I agree, but I would gladly wash his stinky uniforms.

Behind every soldier, sailor, marine, airman, coast guard is someone who supports them with their whole heart! -

No one understand this more than a Military wife.and I don't care if he's active duty or retired, you're STILL a military wife - that will NEVER go away, that's a badge of honor that you earned. I'm PROUD to be an ARMY WIFE!

national guard girlfriend; i may need this soon.. so inspirational!

Military girlfriend prayer can't go a day without praying for him. I know it's only a matter of time before we face a deployment.

The ULTIMATE Military Playlist!

Songs for Military Members and Military Wives -

The ULTIMATE Military Playlist!

To the Army Girlfriend, Great Quotes and Advice for all milsos!

For The Army Girlfriend: Quotes and Advice

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When prince Charming traded in his dress shoes for combat boots, Cinderella gave up her diamond necklace for his dog tags around her neck.