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Percy Jackson

Which cabin at camp half blood do you belong in?

Found this Camp half blood cabin layout map. Except it doesnt fit the book. The girls were the even numbers to the left from Hera's cabin. Iris is then on the wrong side and so is Nike

Cabin 13!! Hahah yes. Where we have the best McDonalds parties and hang with the dead!!!<<<<Cabin 13, I'm less excited about it because there is basically no one to nerd out with

Who Is Your Minor Greek Godly Parent?

This is the Cabin numbers and the greek gods symbols. With Percy Jackson's camp (Camp-halfblood) all the cabins have names and symbols.

The official art of Bianca di Angelo! It's dam awesome, isn't it!? <3

viria: “I swear drawing the sketch for this one broke my heart so much I think you guys might understand. Bianca I did for Rick Riordan’s website!

This has some lunar feels to it

thewhitemoonfamily: “a-lovely-quince: “This looks like a Sailor Moon tiara/crown ” WEDDING ” Serenity

Percy Jackson outfit challenge! Dress like the child of the god listed

I'm going to do this and the rest of you should too<<<< heck yeah! I am too much of a nerd to not except this challenge!

Percy Jackson Inspired "Hunter of Artemis" on Etsy, $10.00

Percy Jackson Inspired 'Hunter of Artemis" Necklace I would never think of joining the hunters of Artemis but I want the necklace

I am pretty sure I will never get around to completely finishing this, but I still think this song is amazing for the PJO/HoO ladies and I did get around to finish one chorus! And before all this dies on my hard drive, I might as well post it.

Ella, Reyna, Thalia, Rachel Elizabeth and Hylla Salute Little Mix

Well I have gotten used to being single and one of my passions is archery so... Sure why not?

spookyandiree: Here is another piece of mine being featured in the PJO FAN ART ZINE! The best tactic for recruiting hunters is showing off the snazzy silver team jackets. Kick-ass female eternity is always better with silver team jackets.