Arthur is the second longest-running US animated show   With 15 seasons and 180 episodes under its belt, Arthur claims silver for the longest running animated series originating in the US. The American/Canadian children’s educational series follows the daily adventures of 8-year old aardvark (not anteater!) Arthur, and his interactions with a selection of equally colourful characters.     The television program is inspired by the book series, written and illustrated by Marc Brown.

The adventures of Aardvark Arthur Read. When he's not at home being hounded by his obnoxious little sister D. and his parents, he's finding educational adventures at school with his pals.

By the way I could praise this show for several years even though it has ended....☹

HD Wallpaper and background photos of season 4 merlin poster realesed! for fans of Merlin on BBC images.

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The Presidents Song! Fun Arthur video about President's Song, can be useful for in the classroom in the future.

Hotel. It starred Connie Sellecca and James Brolin. It was produced by Aaron Spelling and aired on ABC from 1983-1988.

Created by John Furia, Barry Oringer. With James Brolin, Connie Sellecca, Nathan Cook, Shari Belafonte. The misadventures of the staff and guests of the St.

The first full length view of Peaky Blinders’ Shelby brothers, with a dapper looking Cillian Murphy in the middle ...and Paul Anderson

Wish men still dressed like this all of the time. 😍 The first full length view of Peaky Blinders’ Shelby brothers, with a dapper looking Cillian Murphy in the middle.

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Merlin Memes - Keep the humour a secret! Note: Memes may be removed depending on quality.

Camelot starring Jamie Campbell Bower, Eva Green, Joseph Fiennes, Tamsin Egerton,Claire Forlani and many more. :)))

Britain is facing chaos. The sorcerer Merlin appoints the not so known son and heir Arthur as the king who was raised as a commoner, but his half sister has other plans. Arthur faces tough times and will be tested

Maude - There was a lady I worked with who looked like her and had an attitude like her - I miss that lady to this day.

‘And then there’s…. Maude’ - Bea Arthur as.