This is the FUNNIEST SnK thing ever ROFL - Hanji's impersonations of Armin, Eren, Levi, and Erwin. I'm dying

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Attack on Titan: Hange doing impressions of Armin, Eren, Levi and Erwin. This board = hilarious Edit : MDRR JPP

CRYING AT MARCO'S || Attack on Titan ♜<<< Same Why do they always say he is half he's more ehh 75 percent

I actually think that half Marco jokes are funny but his death is the most tragic death of all the corps.

Eren, Levi, red button, funny, text; Attack on Titan

Im on an Attack on Titan page at the moment, so have fun seeing a LOT of AOT things XD

Meme Center : Vlade Posts - Page 92< sooo... started watching attack on titan.............................................

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Meme Center : Vlade Posts - Page sooo. started watching attack on titan.<<<<< ahahahahaahah I can't breathe!

The best way to punish Levi. Good job, Erwin :D

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Fun fact, I was doing some research on Attack on Titan because why not, and I figured out that Erwin is a whole foot taller than Levi (Erwin is and Levi is poor levi

Just your normal twinkle twinkle little... Oh wait haha attack on titan

Just your normal twinkle twinkle little... Oh wait

Attack On Titan : Titan No Smashing

Armin the Explorer

SNK(Attack on Titan) & Dora crossover. One of the best pictures i have found in a long time. Dora the Explorer titan

Thats why those eyebrows are so fabulous wev have been so blind this whole time

erwin smith, levi, and shingeki no kyojin XD I never realised