Tennis shoe Awana Grand Prix car!

Hannah and Sarah designed and made an Awana Grand Prix car that raced on Hannah made a Converse tennis shoe and Sarah a lady bug (picture coming soon).

create a work of heart: Awana Grand Prix - Ten Commandments Tablets

This begins our February series of Awana Grand Prix cars. A joint effort between kid 1 and .

Spare Thyme Ink: AWANA Grand Prix Cars

We have a tradition here. Every year we set out to make unique and cool pinewood cars that will be fast enough to win.

The Science Behind Making the Fastest Possible Pinewood Derby Car

The Science Behind Making the Fastest Possible Pinewood Derby Car

You wouldn& think that a four-wheeled car would go faster if one of its wheels didn& touch the ground. Or if its axles were bent. Or if it was designed to grind against a wall. But you& be wrong, and here& the science to prove it.

Awana Grand Prix car, the Crazy Chicken took first place in design by the same child that won first place the past 2 years.  When they announced the places in reverse order, I was certain she didn't win again...well, she did!  So truly all the pinterest items need to come from this kid!

AHG Pinewood Derby: The Crazy Chicken Pinewood Derby Car (Great for the younger girls)

Pinewood derby car

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