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you cheated on your baby daddy, told people you didn& know if he was even the father, tried to breakup my relationship, harassed/stalked me and lied to your family and in-laws. grow up.

I Can't Take It Anymore! : Tips to End Baby Daddy Drama #featured #TurnItUpTuesday

As I mentioned in Part One, I've experienced my share of baby daddy drama and I hoping that these tips will help you to end, or avoid, baby daddy drama in your

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This quote I would like my daughter to read. I find it very well said. I believe no man or son should disrespect the mother of his child. I truly believe no one should be treated wrong and hurtful. So(One Step Quotes)

You'll get yours! One day they'll realize that you snatch him Away and have everything other weekend all because of another woman..that does nothing wrong to that child. All because you scared someone will take your place. I have my own son sweetie and if I wanted to have another I would. I love them children because there apart of him and he's an amazing person inside and out. Grow up please and move on with your life. Meet someone.

But that's why we like to call you birth mom. She calls a better Woman mommy now.

Foreal I hate baby mama drama. Just cause you can't have your way you get all fucking mad and think you still control your baby daddy. Well guess what bitch you don't. He takes care of his son and pays you child support.

The kids will eventually realize the TRUTH and end up hating YOU instead! Stop Parental Alienation!

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That's what Momma is for, to help guide my daughter in the right direction 😉

My son and my brother

My son and my brother

Step moms and blended families. Baby mama drama. No matter who she sells her facade to, SHE is the psycho!

Step moms and blended families. No matter who she sells her facade to, SHE is the psycho! If only we had added this to our vows to remain positive while dealing with crazy lunatic!

At first we couldn't agree on shit but I want my son to go over when he wants because that is family too regardless of that dislike we have , parents need to learn to let there kids love everyone

Parental Alienation & Rights of Non Custodial Parents in Pakistan .

Everyday £oser! ₩asting time doing nothing! Holy BAATMAN, my baby's daddy is a DEADBEAT...

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