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Baby Krishna

Baby Krishna looks out. Krishna has a loving relationship with each and every living

Lord Bal Krishna HD Wallpapers | Bal Krishna Pictures |Baby

Lord Krishna is one of the most lovable and cute God along with Lord Ram, Ganesh, Hanuman and Murugan. Bal Krishna done

Krishna é a oitava existência terrena de Vishnu, a divindade responsável pela manutenção do Cosmos. Sua pele é retratada na cor preta ou azul-escura, conforme descrito nas Escrituras, embora em representações pictóricas modernas ele geralmente seja mostrado com pele azul.

THE ROLL CALL: Krishna or Lord Krishna BCE–): Lord Krishna, incarnated 5000 years ago as the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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God must be very old, and therefore they depict a form of the Lord like a very old man. But in the same Brahma Samhita , that is contradicted: although He is the oldest of all living entities , He has His eternal form as a fresh youth.