Ok, even if this wanst harry and Lux this is a adorable picture! Admit it :)

Ok, even if this wanst harry and Lux this is a adorable picture! Admit it :)>> so jealous of lux! but this is pretty cute pic of them

why do I find this to be only the CUTEST picture

For Ellen because she thinks she can get away with giving me Louis daddy feels and not feel the wrath of Harry/Lux.

& he's good with kids.. what else are you gonna do to make me believe you're perfect?

Lux see the real Harry not Harry from One Direction. That's why I love that little girl so much<<< I love Harry for Harry and not for his fame!

I mean I love one direction and die from all the feels but  just when you think they can't get anymore perfect, YOU SEE THEM PLAYING WITH LUX. LIKE I JUST CAN'T.

awwwwwwwwwwwwww baby lux and zayn <<< I read that incorrectly and thought it said baby Zayn.

Harry and not-so-baby Lux :'(                                                                                                                                                     More

pinche werka on

baby lux and harry styles. this is so cuteee>> once again that is not Harry look how grown up she looks

Okay may I just say that my head is spinning right now... Too much adorkableness...

Baby Lux on

Im sorry this is so adorable! niall and baby lux >>>> Tom, people. that is Tom>>> Jesus Christ, you can clearly tell that's NOT Niall.

Lux and Niall. my heart just exploded. Excuse me whilst i cry a river of happy tears.

Yes this is Niall holding baby Lux. AWW SO SWEET:) Baby Lux is their stylist's baby. (That is one very lucky baby, getting to grow up with One Direction for big brothers.