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Lions aren't the only ones who are full of energy and determination! Plus I didn't know before that badgers can fight off wolves! We Hufflepuffs are fiercer than most people think!

Badgers are widespread and watching your local sett is one of the best ways to engage with and understand the mystical world of nocturnal wildlife in your area

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Badger - Surrey, UK - Their lower jaws are articulated to the upper by means of transverse condyles firmly locked into long cavities of the skull, so dislocation of the jaw is all but impossible. This enables the badgers to maintain their hold with the utmost tenacity, but limits jaw movement to hinging open and shut, or sliding from side to side.

Badger Portrait by Peter Denness. I love badgers.they are temperamental, but have such a cute face!

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Top to bottom: European badger, Asian badger, and Japanese badger. Interesting that all three species have the distinctive head markings.

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Badger - Badgers can be fierce animals and will protect themselves and their young at all costs, are capable of fighting off dog-packs and fighting off much larger animals, such as wolves and bears.

[BABY BADGER] ------------------------" With me fierce reputation, yer probably wonderin' wut me be doin' in a human habitat. Soes iz me. [wonderin' dat be]"

[BABY BADGER] ------------------------"Wut with me fierce reputation, yer probably wonderin' wut me be doin' in a human habitat. Soes iz me. [wonderin' dat be]"

The badger is Wisconsin's state animal, a ferocious fighter with 4" long claws. Still,  residents respect and admire them, and keep their distance! The badger is the animal that dachshunds were bred to hunt for. 'Dachs' as in badger, and 'hund' as in hound.

WISCONSIN State Animal, the Badger, is a ferocious fighter with long claws. Wisconsin's 'nickname' is The Badger State. Residents respect & admire badgers, and keep their distance!

Badger Prayer poster 8 12" x 11"

Badger Prayer