Bauhaus. 1919 - 1923.

The manifesto of the Bauhaus Movement is what my group mate and I tried to reproduce on the background for the photoshoot in order to have a visual reference to such time period.

Nice info graphic describing the History of the Bauhaus. There is one error - the Bauhaus was not a movement it was an art and design school which embraced certain elements of the modern movement.

INFOGRAPHIC: The History of the Bauhaus Movement

Created by furniture store Aram, this infographic charts the fascinating history of the Bauhaus - Germany's famous design school, from its founding by Walter Gropius to its influence on the furniture of IKEA

MC :: The Bauhaus 'movement' has always appealed to me primarily because of its combining home and work in the one environment; it seems a simple solution to so many problems like decreased family interaction and increased urban sprawl. This image reminds me why I was drawn to the movement in the first place: commercialisation x aesthetic form + function

Bauhaus-style poster by Thomas Pena. The imagery is a simplified version of the Dessau branch of the Bauhaus School. The word "bauhaus" shows the 5 original weights of the typeface. A Bauhaus "D","G", and "Q" were used to create this logo.

In typography, Futura is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed in 1927 by Paul Renner

Futura Bauhaus style Paul Renner was a prominent member of the Deutscher Werkbund (German Work Federation). Two of his major texts are “Typografie als Kunst” (Typography as Art) and “Die Kunst.

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This poster uses shapes and lines. The colours (or should I say 'shades') contrast one another well, and create balance within the poster.

Walter Gropius’ office at  the Weimar Bauhaus, 1924.

Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus Weimar director’s office, Gertrud Arndt produced this rug for Walter Gropius’ office. Else Mögelin designed the wall hanging. Walter did the furniture.

Functional and made of materials used in modern architecture that could be mass-produced while remaining attractive and comfortable. The movement was concerned not only with design but also with materials. It recognized that mass production was most suited to industrial products such as chrome, steel, plastic, and glass. Slim lines, a bold streamlined look, and a highly functional character typify modern furniture.focused on new industrial materials, machine production.

Functional and made of materials used in modern architecture that could be mass-produced while remaining attractive and comfortable.

LA NUEVA TIPOGRAFÍA (Palo seco) S.XX / Es el movimiento tipográfico alemán desarrollado en 1920 y 1930. Influencias de la BAUHUAS (1923)

Weimar Travel Guide

Poster for the 1923 Bauhaus Exhibition in Weimar, lithograph, author: Joost Schmidt, Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin.

Le Bauhaus.  Une pensée incontournable, que ce soit dans les arts graphiques ou l'architecture...

Monday Inspiration: Basically Bauhaus

For modern art and design, there's no better place to start than Bauhaus. That's why it's my Monday Inspiration!