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Quintessentially chic and perfectly groomed, with tousled hair, airbrushed skin and long lashes, the modern French woman’s simple, undone approach to beauty is something we’re always striving to emulate. And now, it’s easier than ever to recreate the much-coveted Parisian look; from skincare must-haves to the ultimate red lip, simply follow SL’s guide of the game-changing French beauty rules to adopt now...

French Girl Beauty Rules

French girl beauty rules to live by

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Vestido clásico Francés Vestido Vestido azul profundo por LeMuse

Classic dress, french dress, deep Blue dress, LeMuse classic dress designed and sewed by LeMuse. When you dress LeMuse classic french dress you feel

14 Ways to Decorate Like a French Woman: It's hard to go a day without seeing another article on "How to Be More French."

14 Ways to Decorate Like a French Woman

Find a Country Cupboard: An artfully rustic cupboard is the perfect place to hold simple place settings.

Find out what items you need in your closet to dress like a French Woman! French women have such great style!  Their outfits are always chic and beautiful.  If you search for “french outfit” or “french style” on Pinterest, you’ll see hundreds of outfit ideas.  Most of the women are wearing classic essentials that you…

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