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Something I will cherish forever! A beautiful paragraph from my best friend

Something I will cherish forever! A beautiful paragraph from my best friend

Best way to describe it.

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I'm afraid to lose you. But I can promise you that you don't have to be afraid of losing me. Promise quotes on

As worried as I am about losing you. You will never have to worry about losing me

One of my best friends did this for me, thank you!! I know he won't read this or ever know what all he did, but he is one of my closest, dearest friends... Thank you!!

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It always buddy you ....whose    Been for me , first in almost anything it may be ( apologies to talk) Thanks for always listening my stories with such a patience, sorting my trouble,

The months have felt like years but what's the difference. You're my best friend Maddie! I couldn't thank you enough for everything you've done for me. I love you munchkin ❤️

& you'll never meet anyone like me. You'll never see my name pop up in your phone again, I promise you that. I wish you the best though.

It's funny how I am one of those people but more than half of my friends aren't and they claim they are I'm so tired of people!

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