#Big data is a big deal, but it means nothing if no one can make sense of it. But some people are born with an innate ability to do just that; #Jer Thorp is one such person.

This Man Makes Data Look Beautiful

Design, we're infographic freaks. We're also avid New York Times readers. Which has us convinced that Jer Thorp data artist-in-residence.

Big Data Starups Investment Infographic - Big Data means Big Buc

Big data startups pull in big money in 2013

Big Data, Present, and Future. Predictions and trends for big data to 2023.  #nissolution #telcos #bigdata

Big Data, BIG in name and nature as well, is the latest technology buzzword that is not going away any time soon. According to ABI Research, big data

British boffin tells Obama's science advisor: You're wrong on climate change Cold US winters to be more frequent? NO, SILLY

Cutting cancer rates: Data, models and a happy ending? How surgery might be making cancer prognoses worse

Description of ZettaByte, what it means in terms of comparable objects in our daily life.

Big Data Infographic - Do you know what a Zettabyte is? Great infographic and ties to mobile data generators.

Byte, KiloByte, Megabyte, GigaByte whats really means! #Inphografic

Data Defined [Infographic]

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We discuss how the future consumer may gain an advantage by turning big data on its head.

The three waves of the digital age, leading to consumer power

Data ware house solutions in Saudi Arabia assist users to analyze the data deeply and generate reports easily. BI Solutions increase the ability to analyze. And tells you where you stand? And data warehouse solutions tell you where your business is going?

4 Ms of Big Data: Big Data Means Data Monetization – Infographic

4 Ms of Big Data: Big Data Means Data Monetization – Infographic

Big Data is making the world a better place to live with innovation across various aspects of our daily lives. In healthcare especially, Big Data plays a very crucial role.

Infographic roundup on Big Data in Healthcare! 3 must read infographics on how Big Data could transform healthcare.

Cloudera Impala bests 'DBMS-Y' analytical engine in benchmark bake-off, more

Big data analytics tools can help organizations get a handle on large volumes of structured and unstructured data. Get tips for implementing big data analysis techniques in this guide.

FORBES:Early adopters of Big Data are outperforming competitors. To catch up, other companies need the right people and tools—but they also need to embed Big Data in their organizations. That means spelling out their ambitions, developing analytics skills and mindsets throughout the company, and creating an organizational home for the new Big Data capability. Here’s how Big Data is taking shape at major companies today.

Infographic: The Who, Why And How Of Big Data