This wall art will give your home some serious wow factor.

Transform Your Walls With 22 BIG Wall Art DIYs

Check out the tutorial: #DIY Sequins Wall Art #crafts #decor

15 DIY Projects to Make Your Home Look Classy

The new fabric NATTGLIM makes for a great wall hanging.  Attach to wooden frames or stretch and glue onto a canvas frame.

8 New IKEA Hacks from IKEA Stylists

The Abstract Wall Art Stretch out this abstract fabric over two wooden panels to create a major wow-factor within your living space.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Say Goodbye to a Big Blank Wall | Apartment Therapy

Budget-Friendly Ways to Say Goodbye to a Big Blank Wall

OUTDOOR dining under Canogar sculpture, Cadiz, Spain. Designed by architect Pedro Riveiro Pita.

Artistic home in Cadiz by Pedro Ribeiro Pita

Looking for some art that will really POP and truly make your room unique and fabulous? Then take a peek at today's collection of Big Wall Art DIY Projects!

Big Wall Art DIY Projects

Sheet music printed as a big engineer print from your local office supply store. Photo: Interior by Kenz

Decorate Your Boring Walls: 15 Basically Free, Completely Genius Ideas

Take your wedding song and create an oversized sheet music print That’s actually a really nice idea :) Add photos :) of course!

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12 Affordable Ideas for Large Wall Decor

Do you have a big, blank wall you don’t know how to decorate? Check out 12 affordable large wall decor ideas that are amazing solutions for your living room, bedroom and more!

Print at staples, engineer print! So inexpensive for a bold look! Must try with a pic of the girls!

Split-Photo Wall Art

Big walls call for big art. Nothing looks stranger than seeing a small, lonely painting floating in a giant expanse of wall. The difficulty, of course, is that big pieces of art often come with big price tags. So we've rounded up a list of nine different ways to fill up a big wall on a little budget.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Say Goodbye to a Big Blank Wall

Tutorial: How to Plan a Gallery Wall. Very useful stuff if you have not put together a gallery wall before. Or even if you have she has a nice way of planning it so as not to make mistakes. 817 124 Rachael Belle ( Home ) Beauty Pin it Send Like Learn more at Print your favourite photos in black & white then get frames like these from Michaels or Ikea :) 2033 232 1 Deborah Orr For the Home Jennifer M What size are the frames and…

How To: Hang Art in Groups (Like Kate Spade)