The 11 Principles Of Petty

Black guys: You got the best shoes at the beach when your the only one wearin shoes at the beach

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“You won't be mad at me for being late if you stop thinking I'm gonna be on time.

WHY IM THE WAY I AM. My friends say this all the time! I love this guys face though XD

I want more band merch but the nearest hot topic I have to take a ferry



Funny pictures about MIB meets the Aliens Guy. Oh, and cool pics about MIB meets the Aliens Guy. Also, MIB meets the Aliens Guy photos.


Meme Watch: These ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Memes Explain Why They Fight

I think he's faking it, he HAVE to act like a butler, and butlers have emotions : P  |l Kuroshitsuji l|

In the anime his not that expressive, but in the manga hOLY FUCK HE'S SUBLIME, I certainly don't know what's my favorite

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Confused Nick Young

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