Black mouth cur

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Houston Indie Dog Rescue: Moonpie, the Southern Belle, Black Mouth Cur Mix

Black mouth Curs are the best dogs. Loyal and devoted. Hunting, treeing, and cow dogs. I have a male now I just need a female so I can breed them!

I love Black Mouth Curs. They are just so fluffy and loyal. Mine is named Sadie. They are really protective. If someone just walks by my house, Sadie will bark even when siad person is out of sight.

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This is not my dog but she looks exactly like her. I love my dog a lot. Her name is Daisy, dogs are my favorite kind of animal.

Bartonsville, PA - Black Mouth Cur/Boxer Mix. Meet Jade, a puppy for adoption.

Before you call a Black Mouth Cur/Boxer puppy breeder in Bartonsville, PA. Meet Jade who was adopted in Bartonsville, PA.

If you are looking for a rugged, strongly muscled working dog then look no further than the Black Mouth Cur. These dogs can be trained for a variety of uses

Black Mouth Cur

Terrell, the American Black Mouth Cur at 2 years old

Close Up - Terrell the Black Mouth Cur looking to the right with leaves in the background. the words 'Terrell' are overlayed