Black on black converse

Black on Black Converse High Tops! Need these!

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Black on black Converse. I love all my converse but these are a converse addicts wardrobe staple.

"Popular Looks - High School #4" by ashleymmck on Polyvore featuring Victoria's Secret, Converse, Aéropostale, Zero Gravity, women's clothing, women, female, woman, misses and juniors

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Blogger Kirsten Nunez demonstrates how to repurpose the marbling nail trend and apply the technique on Chucks in this easy DIY #chuckhack post: #converse #diy:

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I really want to try this, but I'm afraid if it goes haywire i'll have an ugly pair of 50 dollar converse.

"My First Polyvore Outfit" by teodorastoian on Polyvore featuring H&M, Converse, Prada and GUESS

Ditch the black converse and put In adidas and remove the glasses and put in avitar glasses and this outfit would be perfect for school ❤️😘

"Untitled #400" by kaleyhanson on Polyvore featuring Raey, WithChic and Vans

"Untitled #400" by kaleyhanson on Polyvore featuring Raey, WithChic and Vans