Is an insult an insult if it's true?

Is an insult an insult if it's true?

tina belcher and gene belcher

Funny pictures about Poor Tina. Oh, and cool pics about Poor Tina. Also, Poor Tina photos.

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It’s Monday, you could use some jokes (15 photos)

My last words are probably gonna be sarcastic tbh

Sarcasm is my love language

"That's what we had yesterday!"

Hell Jail

Funny pictures about Hell Jail. Oh, and cool pics about Hell Jail. Also, Hell Jail photos.

Haha! Best nicknames ever  :)

Oh, Bob.

Love you cutie pie sorry i ll think of a better one than cutie pie you re my angel dust that s a drug my trying to flirt - Ibeebz is THE BEST SITE for you to lol, kill time and make new friends all around the world - Ibeebz

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burgers Well, I just found my new road rage line. Are you Jennifer Slowpez when you walk?

Funny tumblr post

Bob's Burger- Tina- boys skinny dipping- "there's a lot of carrots in that stew.