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Bodyscapes Body Painting Gets Up Close and Personal in a New Art Form

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I didn't bring any canvas w/ me when I moved so I decided to paint koi on my legs? idk it was fun so enjoy this fishy painting 🐠

“UV Body Painting“, an incredible series of creations from Californian photographer John Poppleton

Be Amazed With These Dramatic Fluorescent Body Paint Photography

I’ve always been fascinated by black lights, the beauty of the human body, the world around me and the ability to create and express myself through art. However, it wasn’t until boredom set in, after being stuck in wedding a portrait photography for more than twenty years, that all of these ingredients unexpectedly collided creating what I call “Bodyscapes”. I’m now affectionately referred to as “The Bob Ross of Black Light Body Painting”, because of my style and the types of scene I choose…

I Paint “Bodyscapes” That Glow Under Black Light

Bodypainter John Poppleton uses UV paint to create electrifying masterpieces of stunning landscapes on naked models.

Paint On Skin 2 by Tim Engle GET LISTED TODAY!  Hair News Network. All Hair. All The time.

pbaraza: “ Bodypaintings by Trina Merry From our Ancient Aliens Series Photography by Tim Engle Model Juliana Julianna Steel Hair Mikel Sessions Bodypaint Trina Merry, assisted by Jessica Yurash —.