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Upcycling Old Books

If you want to update the look of your bedroom, but don't want to spend a load of money on redecorating and brand new furniture, the DIY Book Headboard is a fun and inexpensive way to change things up. The DIY Book Headboard is a fun decoration project.

78 Superb DIY Headboard Ideas for Your Beautiful Room - Page 2 of 8 - DIY

78 Superb DIY Headboard Ideas for Your Beautiful Room - Page 2 of 8

Fancy Book Headboard - 78 Superb DIY Headboard Ideas for Your Beautiful Room (Diy Headboard)

I love the yellows and the faded blues, they make the books the main statement.

The Book, A Feisty Friday Post

I would not do this but is IS pretty cool -Book Wall Anthropologie display. Would so love to do this in a kids room.

Love, love, love this headboard!! Can even make drawers on each side!! Replace the branches with a mantel...

natural branches for behind the head table maybe? or maybe just a wall area? love the side shelves too.

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Maybe have the two exposed ends of the sofa table have mini bookshelves like this?


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Love this idea, but I would create a padded headboard to attach & soften

Unexpected bookshelves in headboard.

Book Headboard, I would love to do this but I don't think I have the heart to ruin a perfectly good book!!

Reading Material How to Make a Book Headboard Curbly

You’ll want all your shelves to be made with pallets with these DIY pallet shelves ideas. For more creative ideas, visit us @ glamshelf.com

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it can help you a lot in constructing your own favorite types of DIY pallet headboards on much cost effective rates. Here we are with some knocking out

Kid’s room is as necessary to decorate as every other room of the home, so if anyone needs something to fulfilling the bedding need; here is the idea of creating wood pallet bunk bed for kids with the place to store the toys and books.

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Mind Blowing Recycled Pallet Creations: Those who don’t know how to reshape wooden pallets and who are not interested in reshaping them to get beneficial items

Plant- I picked this because it's cute and also a good little decor to put somewhere in a room. Bringing the room to life with it's greenery. I would place this on a night stand or if you chose the headboard with the shelves you could place in there. Option A

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This book shelf tho

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Tête de lit avec étagères et petits rangements sur chaque côté.

wood headboard w/ storage

The HGTV hosts reveal a few essential measurements—from area rug size to chandelier height—that'll help you decorate your space to scale.

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Headboards The standard height of a headboard is 48 inches from the floor to its top, which leaves about 24 inches from the top of the mattress to the top of the headboard. Higher-end headboards tend to be 55 to 68 inches.

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How about this for a different bed headboard? A headboard made of old books! Chez Thrift and The ReUstore is the best place to find books at the lowest price anywhere in Bolton! -Maybe not books, but I like the idea!

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Wood Wall Art - Wooden Mountain Range Art Made to Order or customize this look: This artwork is made up of upcycled wood scraps. Wood was trimmed to size and stained with traditional and hand made stains. The piece features two mountain ranges that stand