Mine and my boy next tat

id take this over a wedding ring any day. My friend hold me the other day that he would rather have a tattoo then a wedding ring. I love this idea

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As our wedding fast approaches, Swoon and I are figuring out what to do about rings. I really love the idea of doing a wedding ring tattoo. I like the idea of doing it in white ink, so you can see it but it wouldn't be black. There are so&

Turns out I need my future husband to be a Disney lover so we can get this couple tattoo. :)

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Cool Double Heart Infinity Tattoo Design ❥ http://bestpickr.com/matching-couples-tattoos

I love this Double Heart Infinity idea. I'd get it as a tattoo. One heart for each of my children and the infinity symbol for how much and how long I will love them.

Royal style couple tattoo quotes

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I love this idea for a couples tattoo! Normally I don't like the idea of couples tattoos, but this is cute; a king and queen crown for each of us :)