More Brad Pitt with long hair.  This is from Legends of The Fall. I dont know why he ever cut his hair.

Brad Pitt Legends of the Fall Movie wallpapers. Brad Pitt Legends of the Fall movie poster. Brad Pitt Legends of the Fall movie wallpaper.

Brad Pitt...Legends of the Fall

Brad Pitt - Legends of the Fall. My favorite Brad Pitt Era.over 20 years ago and before Angelina.

Nineties Brad Pitt - "Legends of the Fall" who could mistake that hair and facial fluff! that really was a great movie... but it had Brad in it why wouldnt it be!!!! also played "Archilles - Troy" "Detective - Seven" "Tyler Durden - Fight Club"  "Mickey - Snatch" "Louie - Interview with a Vampire" "John Smith - Mr  Mrs Smith" OUTSTANDING!!!!

Brad Pitt is gorgeous at any age (50 pics)

brad pitt interview with a vampire | Brad Pitt: Movie Hair Dos and Don'ts | Photo 4 of 18 |

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Brad Pitt all time fave would love to meet and interview. go out to dinner ;)

It appears that Brad Pitt is coming to Dismaland, but not in a regular visit. According to sources, Pitt will get a private viewing of the park.

Brad Pitt in a very 70's inspired suit - check out those lapels

More of a window pane, very Boardwalk Empire before Boardwalk Empire brought back the dandy look. By the way, is this Brad Pitt or Benjamin Button? He's looking about 20 years old in this picture! (Brad Pitt in Tom Ford

Brad Pitt in NOLA filming Interview with a Vampire. The film was shot at night so he spent his days exploring the city by bike. His time there spurred a twenty year love affair with the city that continues today ~

Brad Pitt doing his thing in New Orleans on a vintage bike - apparently he's around a lot. Maybe third trip's the charm, maybe I'll see him.

interview with the vampire *tom acts as kreepy and arrogant in this movie as he does in real it totally works!!!*

Vampire Form, if they eat black or red grapes, they do not need blood. But they will vomit up any blood consumed during their vampire years- all of it. But after, a vampire can eat soft foods for a year. then eat normal foods.