Felon's Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle

Designers Knuckle Down. 25 items of Fashion, Furniture & More Inspired By Brass Knuckles.

BRASS KNUCKLES tattoo by 大柴裕豪, via Flickr

I would get one on the bottom in the middle of my stomach that sais live fast die Hard

gangsta brass knuckle tattoo

Gangsta Tattoos

The popularity of wearing gangsta tattoos is growing, especially in teenagers and youngsters. Look here to get inspiration on some terrific gangsta tattoo designs.

'Spade' - Custom Made Brass Knuckles [AMK-1008] - $99.00 : Brass Knuckles Company | Call Toll Free 1-888-604-2296

Welcome to the Spade brass knuckles page. They are very high end, valuable and collectible brass knuckles. You won't find a better brass knuckle on the market today.


Love Neighbor Razor Knuckles Sailor Jerry Inspired Traditional Tattoo Poster