Brassaï, Grand Central Station,NY,1957 on ArtStack #brassai #art

poorghosts: “ “ Shafts of sunlight penetrate through upper windows of the Vaulted room of Grand Central Terminal, as crowds gather near the information kiosk on the Terminal concourse, ca.

Le chat à la fenêtre, Brassai. Retrouvez d'autres photos originales de #Paris sur le tableau "Paris est une fête" @bonjourbibiche

Brassai, the lines from the windows kind of adds to a balance and the cat is placed in an area of rule of thirds which makes this picture interesting

Brassai, Couple d'Amoureux dans un Petit Cafe, Quartier Italie, 1932

George Brassai - Couple D'amoureux Dans un Petit Café, Quartier Italie, circa 1932

Les plus belles photos de Brassaï à Paris

One of the best photographers of Paris at night. Colonne Morris Avenue de l’Observatoire, Paris, 1933 From Brassaï, Paris, FR.

Paris 1930s, Photo: Brassai

"Staircase in the Rue Rollin" - Paris - 1934 - photographer Brassai (Gyula Halasz).

Portrait of Simone de Beauvoir, having tea at Café de Flore, Paris, c. 1945. Fotografía de Brassaï

Ces femmes qui nous ont inspiré

#photography #art #street - Concierge by George Brassaï

as fotografias de george brassaï

Brassaï Concierge Paris, 1946 [From the Réunion des Musées Nationaux] This photo captures a snapshot into someone's life, I intend to try and imitate the same concept when photographing Selhurst in a positive light.

Brassaï in Paris: A Photographer's Love Letter to the City of Light

Brassaï in Paris: A Photographer's Love Letter to the City of Light

© brassaï, les escaliers de montmartre, paris, 1936 I like the style of photography this person has because they are able to take cool pictures in the interesting areas of France.